T i m b e r L o c k
/Cannot be painted over.


may be applied by brush, immersion or spray to bare, dry wood, it can be applied over similar wood preservative, but not onto previously painted or varnished surfaces. Applied in dry weather. One liberal application only is recommended. Care should be taken not to splash surrounding building materials and plants during application. Keep plants and growing vegetation clear of treated wood until fully dy. Not suitable for the treatment of greenhouses and garden frames.

All woodwork exposed to attack by insect or rot should periodically be given a liberal application of TIMBERLOCK, care being taken to work the wood preservative well into all joints and ends so that no portion of the wood is left untreated.

Why trust TimberLock Wood Preservatives

TimberLock Wood Preservative has been endorsed by the Nigerian Institute of Building for use in the Nigeria Environment.

/How to use

Applications, Coverage & Precautions

  • Application

    Brush, Roller, Can be sprayed

  • Coverage
    • 4/8 sw.metres per litre
    • (200/400sq.ft.per gallon)
    • Depending on porosity of wood.
  • Touch drying

    20 Minutes

  • Re-coat drying

    1 Hour

  • Safety Precautions
    • Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing, and washing thoroughly after application.
    • Keep out of reach of children and animals.
    • Keep away from heat, flames and sparks.
    • Do not pollute drains, streams, etc with content.
    • Dispose of container safely after use.